Intro to Haystack Search

This is a small sample project showing how data is mapped from the ORM to a SearchIndex class as well as optional ways of querying data in the search engine.

It's set up to deploy to Heroku using the Bonsai ElasticSearch add-on, although any similarly configured ElasticSearch backend will work. It is designed loosely around the CIA World Factbook. The Factbook content structure is crappier than I expected when I set out to do this, so if you want to help extract content, fixture file pull requests welcome!

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Countries list

Just a basic function based Django list view. Uses a manager method to encapsulate the basic search logic.

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Default search

Just hooked up the default Haystack search view. The simplest way to add search (documentation).

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Customized form

Very little customization, but just enough to show how it can be done. Uses an extended SearchForm to add a field and include it for querying.

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Faceted search

Adds faceting of the facetable 'government type' field.

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Custom search

Skip the predefined Haystack view and use different form patterns.

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